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This site is for everyone who is interested in problems at crossroads of phylosophy of history, philosophical anthropology, Christian world-view and philosophical comprehension of the modern world. These problems are discussed in books and articles that I present for your judgment. The books were published in Moscow in 1990 and 2004 (500 copies each). The majority of the articles appeared in the pages of the major Russian philosophical journal Philosophical problems(1999-2019).

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LATEST UPDATESChristianity as a Problem // Voprosy Filosofii, 2019, №3The author suggests that Christianity is essentially a problem – inasmuch as it is present in the life of any person because individual life represents a state of being. This view is rooted in Christianity’s unique Trinitarian nature. On the one hand, this peculiarity allows to de-mythologize the fundamental Christian ideas and thus enable a dialogue between Christianity and the modern man. On the other hand, the Trinitarian nature of Christianity provides for a possibility of its historical transformation into the Kantian "religion of reason" – a religious phenomenon that defies the traditional understanding of "religion." Philosophy of consciousness, as articulated by the philosopher M. Mamardashvili, may explain this change. G. S. Kiselev embraces the view of probabilistic historical development, which questions the feasibility of issuing unequivocal judgements about the future. That is why the transformation of the historical forms of Christianity appears to be problematic – as it ultimately depends on the person’s free will. Philosophy of consciousness envisions а realization of the tautological basis of being, which could become a foundation for the creation of a humanistic social reality. However, according to G. S. Kiselev, our modern civilization is defined by such phenomena as the appearance of the "mass man," who exists entirely outside of consciousness, as well as the deepening divisions between the "rich North" and the "impoverished South" – one of the causes, for example, of the emergence of Islamic terrorism. As such this civilization is moving further away from the historical being and does not generate the necessary precondition for the creation of a humanistic civilization.